Personal Assessment and Reflection

Thinker and strategist

Key attributes Maxiumum score Awarded
Understanding and analysing the political and policy context 4
Developing with directors and leaders the vision, values and key aims for the MAT 4
Translating a vision and aims into a plan of action with agreed milestones 4
Managing short term demands in the context of longer term aims 4
Thinker and strategist total 16

Guardian of the flame

Key attributes Maximum score Awarded
Securing buy-in across the MAT to the vision, values and aims 4
Identifying key polices and initiatives to help embed commitment and make the vision and values real 4
Aligning people and development plans to work towards the agreed goals 4
Reviewing progress and impact and refreshing the vision 4
Guardian of the flame total 16

Instructional leader

Key attributes Maximum score Awarded
Being a leader of learning and creating a collaborative learning culture 4
Understanding the key drivers of school improvement and being able to describe their application across the MAT 4
Being able to implement strategies for schools in different contexts and at different points in their improvement journeys 4
Determining the tight-loose balance on curriculum content and approaches to teaching and learning The scope of the tight-loose balance will also apply to other areas – for example, performance management, ICT and financial reporting systems. 4
Instructional leader total 16

Results for each category

See the table below to see where your areas of strength and areas for development are.

Category Points Possible Points Awarded Percent Achieved Ranking
Thinker and strategist 16
Guardian of the flame 16
Leadership developer 16